Brunswick House Vauxhall London

 Brunswick House Vauxhall London

Built in 1759 and lived in by the Duke Of Brunswick,this building has been witness to many changes over the years, not all of them for the best.Its witnessed the demise of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens and in its latter years was home to the Railway Men grand members club which had a snooker hall and theatre.When they vacated the premises,it became home to squatters for over twelve years until it was taken over by an architectural company called Lascos who sell salvaged artefacts from times gone by.It is now completely engulfed by modern buildings.It is situated near the River Thames at Vauxhall./p>


One thought on “Brunswick House Vauxhall London

  1. Squaters? What a shame. Vauxhall Gardens is mentioned in so much literature. I can barely pick up an historic novel without a mention and can only dream what Vauxhall Gardens was really like. Fascinates me.


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